Bloomberg: Facebook Libra cryptocurrency project may create a double threat

On June 17, Bloomberg published a paper discussing Libra, the Facebook cryptocurrency project. The article said that the project may have a double threat: first, the project may strengthen Facebook's control over user data; second, the economic stability of Global Coin will also become a huge worry. The article pointed out that Libra's target customers are 2.6 billion users of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. In response, Barclays analysts believe that Facebook will receive $19 billion in annual revenue through the transfer of Libra Token, and that the node that participates in the project and pays $10 million will also get a lot of money. But the author is more worried that regulators need to supervise the database of cryptocurrencies, and even need Facebook to surrender this data to avoid the problem of data leakage in the past. At the same time, the outside world also believes that it is necessary to worry about the economic stability of Libra Token. The article concludes that although no one is willing to block the pace of innovation, what Facebook has done in recent years has made everyone dissatisfied and distrustful. It is better to control the fire in the middle of the road, and this period must be carried out by regulators.