Facebook cryptocurrency project Libra Blockchain Network is scheduled to be released in the first half of 2020

On June 18th, the Facebook cryptocurrency white paper was released, which mentioned that the source code of the Libra blockchain has been opened and Libra's initial test network has been launched. The scheduled targeted release date is the first half of 2020. Libra's next steps include: Libra blockchain: 1. In the coming months, the association will collect feedback from the community on the prototype of the Libra blockchain and then enter the production-ready phase, which will focus on securing the agreement. And the security, performance, and scalability of the implementation. 2. The Libra Association will build well-documented APIs and libraries to enable interaction between users and the Libra blockchain. 3. The Libra Association will use open source methods to create a framework for collaborative technology development behind the Libra blockchain. 4. The Association will conduct extensive testing of the blockchain, from testing the protocol to integrating entities (such as wallet services and trading platforms) to test the network as a whole to ensure that the system is functioning properly before it is released. 5. The Association will work to promote the development of the Move language, and once the Libra ecosystem is released, once the development of the Move language has stabilized, we will establish a path for third parties to create smart contracts. 6. The association will work with the community to overcome technical challenges on the road to an unlicensed ecosystem and strive to achieve our goal of transitioning within five years of launch. In terms of reserves: the association will set up a regulatory team for the reserve, establish operational procedures and develop appropriate policies and procedures. Libra White Paper (Chinese version): https://www.chainnode.com/doc/3630 Libra White Paper (English version): https://www.chainnode.com/doc/3629