The data shows that the EOSTwitter community activity increased by 489.27% ​​in the past month.

According to RatingToken data, in the past month, EOS's Twitter community activity increased the most, with an active index of 49.79, an increase of 489.27% ​​from the same period of last month; TRON's Twitter active index was 178.49, up 9.63% from the previous month. The six projects monitored were the highest; IOTA was 65.39, down 20.24%; NEO was 47.79, down 12.02%; ETH was 15.41, up 22.04%; the largest decline was ONT, active index was 28.84, on the ring The same period of the month fell by 71.51%. The Twitter Active Index is calculated by weighting the number of tweets on Twitter and the number of tweets, comments, and likes.