Securities Daily: Recent Facebook stock price, blockchain A-share concept stocks, bitcoin both rose

According to the Securities Daily, Facebook's stock price has continued to rise recently, and since it announced the release of virtual currency Libra, as of press time, Facebook rose 1.53% to $191.9. Also rising is Bitcoin. On June 17, Bitcoin stood at the $9000 mark and hit a 13-month high. On the 18th, the virtual currency trading platform showed that the bitcoin price once surged to $9,436, and then fell back. As of press time, the price of bitcoin was $9,144, down 0.14%. The blockchain concept stocks in the A-share market also ushered in a wave of gains. Kelan Software and Storm Group's daily limit, Jinzheng Shares, Shenzhen Datong and Xinchen Technology also performed strongly. The Wind blockchain index showed a bottoming out trend, closing on the 18th, the index rose 0.99% to 2881.64 points.