Shuai Chu: The significance of Facebook's issue of cryptocurrency can be compared to Columbus's discovery of the New World

Babbitt News, on the evening of June 18, the founder of the quantum chain Shuai began in his WeChat circle of friends, "1. FB coins, regardless of the outcome, are a nuclear bomb that is thrown into the traditional financial field and the Internet field, carrying 2.7 billion users endless links, long-term hard to engage in a high-tech era, the Internet endogenous Fed; 2. The long-term positive for the cryptocurrency industry, FB will complete the user awareness and user education of cryptocurrency for everyone. Bitcoin's efforts in the past 10 years; 3. For FB, currency is only the first level. The greater use of blockchain empowerment should be the user's identity, account, and capital, and it comes with privacy protection. This may restructure the existing Internet system; the 4.FB step, in the long run, is a squeeze and suppression of other Internet giants, which will weaken the pricing power of traditional finance in the high-tech field and weaken existing ones. The banking system weakens the circulation market of the French currency, and replaces the function of a part of the financial services of the government in disguise; 5. It will open FB2.0, and it will indeed start a great era in human history. The righteous class found the New World than Columbus."