Libra Project Leader: Facebook will not access financial data on the Calibra wallet

According to Decrypt, David Marcus, head of Facebook's cryptocurrency project Libra, said in an interview, "We don't want financial data and social data to be mixed together, Facebook will not access the financial data on the Calibra wallet." He also refutes those "The big company that spends $10 million to become a Libra node is to buy financial data." He said: (The above situation) is absolutely not. The reason for the investment is to make the parties in the ecosystem long-term consistent and to fund the incentives that will drive Libra adoption in the next few years. In addition, most transactions will take place between the custody wallets. This means that the transaction will be recorded internally, and as before, a large number of transactions will be settled on the blockchain. He also pointed out that Facebook will never offer private transactions like Monero or Zcash.