Head of HTC Decentralization Department: Libra or the main focus of the US government's future antitrust investigation of Facebook

According to WND, mobile phone manufacturer HTC decentralization department head Phil Che said in an interview that Facebook's move is a "dangerous" power grab, and its threat even exceeds privacy issues. He believes that the global currency Libra is "the most aggressive and dangerous form of surveillance they have designed so far." He predicted that this will be the main focus of the US federal government's upcoming antitrust investigation on Facebook. “If launched and adopted globally, we will definitely see Facebook as the top 10 companies in the next 100 years. These companies have customers and their data, from their social graphs to every record recorded through Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. Pen trading.” He refers to two major digital media companies under Facebook. “This project is the opposite of Bitcoin and a step toward full control of data and users.