The V20 meeting will propose a proposal to extend the effective date of the new FATF standard

According to Coinpost, at the end of June, cryptocurrency industry representatives will discuss with the regulatory authorities on FATF's latest cryptographic asset monitoring guidelines. The main functions of the V20 conference will be as follows: 1. During the G20 Summit in Osaka, the key stakeholders such as the cryptocurrency industry, government agencies, and FATF working group will conduct round-table discussions; 2. The cryptocurrency industry submission will reflect the uniqueness of the encrypted assets. Coordination of regulations to influence the FATF proposal; 3. To make an appropriate response, extend the proposal to the effective date of the new FATF encryption industry standard; 4. Develop protocols and standards to support platforms that meet FATF information collection requirements. It is worth noting that although the new guidelines to be released by the FATF itself are not legally binding, this intergovernmental joint agency has great influence in the world financial network.