Quote analysis: normal adjustment, no panic

As the financial market changes dramatically, the global central bank “super-interest week” is on schedule. This week, the Bank of England, the Bank of Japan, the Federal Reserve and central banks of emerging markets will hold a meeting on interest rates. The market expects that the Fed will maintain the current interest rate unchanged in June. In the long run, the weakening of the economy may trigger a temporary rate cut in the country. The Bank of England and the Bank of Japan will maintain the existing interest rate policy due to limited monetary policy space. Relatively speaking, emerging market monetary policy will be more relaxed. The global bond market is booming, and the time window for A shares has arrived, and it is very likely that it will usher in a change today.

Yesterday, social media giant Facebook released a high-profile Libra Stabilization Project white paper. Simply put, Libra's mission is to create a simple, borderless currency and financial infrastructure that serves billions of people.

This new low-volatility cryptocurrency and smart contract platform program opens up new opportunities for responsible financial services innovation. What we need to pay attention to as a cryptocurrency investor is that Libra was invented with the original intention of keeping it low volatility, rather than being as flexible as existing cryptocurrencies, for each newly created Libra cryptocurrency in Libra. The reserve has a basket of bank deposits and short-term government bonds of corresponding value to build trust in its intrinsic value.

Judging from the reaction of the market, the market does not interpret this as a positive one. Instead, it has experienced a violent downswing. The market has weakened collectively. Only LTC and BNB have risen against the trend, and the market rhythm is difficult to grasp.


BTC fell sharply yesterday, but has not yet fallen below 5 antennas. The volume of the decline has not released the volume. I don’t think it is necessary to panic. The shock does not change the upward trend. The next target of the target is around $980-10000. Good defense, you can leave the field after falling below 5 antennas.


ETH has no event catalysis. The high probability is still following the trend of BTC. The target has fallen below 5 antennas. Pay attention to whether it can stabilize above 260 US dollars. At present, there is still hope for continued high innovation. The daily-level macd indicator After the gold fork is glued, as long as there is a breakthrough in volume, I think that the target will inevitably hit a new high in the recent rebound. If it falls below $260, it can leave the market.


XRP is back to the support level of 0.43 US dollars. It is still in the structure of triangular arrangement. It is effective to observe whether the support at 0.43 US dollars is effective. If it stabilizes and rebounds at this point, then the target will test the pressure on the upper rail again. If the target falls below the point, it will try to test the support of the lower rail. In the short term, it will still be a triangle shock consolidation trend. If the heavy volume breaks above the upper rail, it can be seen to rise to 0.56 US dollars, falling below the lower rail.


Today's market is in a general state of decline, LTC is moving against the trend, and it has a new high rebound. It can be seen from the 4-hour level K-line chart that the target has gone through a triangle finishing trend and touched the triangle. When the position of the lower rail is sorted, the target is immediately pulled back, indicating that there is funds in managing the target. The target has a higher probability to choose to break upwards. The macd indicator has a golden cross indication. The trend is much better, and the defense is good. Break $130 and pay attention to leaving.


BCH yesterday directly fell through the four yang, once again fell below the support level of 425 US dollars, the target trend is weak, there are signs of broken position, but in the process of falling, there is no volume released, observe whether the integer mark of 400 US dollars can stabilize When it picks up, people will not rule out the release of a large Yangxian line, and fall below the $400 to wait and see.


EOS fell back below $6.90, but the volume has not been amplified. There may be some competition for this point. If it does not stand above $6.9 within three days, it will confirm that the break is effective and may fall back to the support level of $6.5. Pay attention to the risks.


BNB is on the rise. At present, the target's moving average shows the trend of a duck opening mouth. There is a possibility of accelerating the upward movement. The fly in the ointment is the volume and the macd indicator. The volume of the transaction is not very large, and it does not exceed the previous big Yinxian. The amount of energy, the macd indicator is not accompanied by the strength of the currency and the gold fork, the two lines are only glued together, and there is no gold fork, I am afraid that only the currency price will be pulled up again to force the macd indicator gold fork, I personally think The standard June 14th that big Yinxian is a shipment instead of a dishwashing. If the assumption is established, the target may reach a new high and then appear like this Yinxian, pay attention to the risk.

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