Cryptographic researchers have confirmed that Oban is not the key evidence of Nakamoto.

According to CryptoSlate, recently, cryptocurrency researchers jointly published an analysis article to prove that Craig Wright is not the key evidence of Nakamoto. By comparing Nakamoto's early IP address and Oban's own testimony of his whereabouts in early 2009, the researchers found that the two were at the ends of the world. In a media article published by Ownen Cong on April 6th, he described his early experience of participating in bitcoin transactions, detailing the devices he used to run Bitcoin nodes, said on January 3 and 1 On the 9th of the month, they went to their own farm in Australia, and the mining date of the first block was January 3 and January 9. Twitter user Bounty Hunter, the first person to determine the exact location of Nakamoto, is widely regarded as the best authority on the matter. In his 2016 blog post, the researchers revealed that it was used on January 10, 2009. Send and receive two IP addresses of Bitcoin. At the time, only two people, Hal Finney and Nakamoto Satoshi, who participated in the project, were the earliest contributors to Bitcoin. It is relatively easy to determine which one belongs to Nakamoto. The IP address shows that Nakamoto was in Van Nuys, California.