Former Bank of China Vice President Wang Yongli: Many questions about Libra are not yet clear

Today, former Vice President of the Bank of China, Wang Yongli, once again published a comment on Facebook's cryptocurrency. He said that when people discuss Facebook's cryptocurrency, it seems that their vision has been realized or can be realized, and that its 2.7 billion users will naturally become Libra users, and its application scope will exceed that of most countries. It is not a careful analysis of the real problems of its realization conditions, existing problems, and competition. Wang Yongli pointed out that the current global currency or borderless currency refers to the sovereign currency that transcends the country, but these coins are still the special currency of various online communities or platforms, without borders, but with chain! In the online world, is this really going to the center? How to ensure the efficiency of adjusting the rules completely? Is going to the center must be the best choice for human society?