AE Chinese community accused ZB Exchange of overselling 35 million AE tokens, ZB has not responded yet

According to the block rhythm report, on June 19, AE Chinese community netizens issued a document saying that ZB platform AE tokens sold over 30 million yuan and questioned the source of ZB's AE main network token. According to the blockchain browser detection: At present, the total amount of erc20 tokens and AE main currency of ZB platform is only a few million. According to the ZB exchange leveraged loan data, ZB has released 35 million AE tokens, and 34 million have borrowed shorts. It is still uncertain whether there has been a large-scale air force in the AE community some time ago, and whether the malicious singer AE event is related to ZB. According to AEKnow, ZB is currently pressing the disk and collecting the main currency from the platforms such as Coin, GATE and OK. AE Chinese community users suggested that users who currently have AE tokens on the ZB exchange should raise coins as soon as possible to avoid losses. Blockchain query address: At present, the ZB exchange has not responded to the above incidents.