Alipay blockchain technology patent application has been landing for more than 40 scenes in the world for three consecutive years

The intelligent information service organization Ke Rui Wei An recently announced that as of April 30, 2019, Alibaba ranked first in the world with 290 blockchain patent schemes. In conjunction with the IPRdaily, the authoritative IP industry media, published the “Global Blockchain Patent Enterprise Rankings” in the past two years, Alibaba has applied for the number of blockchain patents for the third consecutive year in the world. It is understood that Alibaba's blockchain patents are basically from Alipay's ant blockchain team, which has become Alipay's world-class ace technology. Data from Alipay shows that its blockchain technology has reached more than 40 scenarios, and the efficiency of the work has increased by an average of 10,000 times. Benjamin, vice president of Alipay's parent company, said that blockchain technology has emerged abroad, but in the early days of its development, Chinese companies have occupied some intellectual property rights, which will allow China's blockchain technology to be on the world stage. Play a certain influence.