South Korea's cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb was prosecuted by the procuratorate

According to Business Watch, Bithumb, a large cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea, was sued by the Investigation Department of the Eastern Checkpoint Network in Seoul, South Korea. The reason for the lawsuit was that the exchange did not encrypt the customer data and violated the law of the information communication network. According to the investigation by the procuratorate, the same IP was repeatedly used for abnormal access to the network, and no measures were taken. The inspection party claimed that the customer's virtual currency assets were also stolen due to the disclosure of personal data. However, the exchange countered that the customer's virtual currency was stolen and the customer information outflow could not be confused. As early as 2017, Bithumb employees' PCs were attacked by cyber attacks, and their customer personal information and virtual currency transaction details were stolen. Hackers use this information to steal customers' virtual currency worth $5.95 million in assets.