After the release of the Amino "Fog Action" trio, it recorded a four-day rise, with a cumulative maximum increase of 60%!

According to MXC data, after Amino announced the "Fog Action" trio event on June 16, AMIO has risen for a long time and has recorded a four-day rise. The highest price during the period was 0.081USDT, the highest increase was 60%, and the current price of AMIO was 0.077USDT, with a cumulative increase of 52%! The Amino "Fog Action" trio is an event hosted by the Amino Network in conjunction with the MXC Exchange. The event will feature 1.22 million AMIOs, the first prize of 1.18 BTC, and the Matcha MX reward. At present, the number of participants in the event exceeds 7,000! The Amino Network is a commercially available 5G edge computing network, a blockchain project that truly empowers the real economy and commercializes it. Amino's vision is to use community power to build a 5G edge computing network that goes beyond Amazon AWS and share revenue with the community.