Data analysis: BTC long-term billing volume remains cautious Coinbase BTC/USD, still subject to a premium status for Bitfinex

According to TokenGazer data analysis, as of 17:00 on June 19, the BTC price was $9170.8, the market value was 162,838.6MM, and the mainstream exchange 24H BTC transaction volume was about $1126.9MM, down 18% from yesterday; after comparing Bitfinex, Bitstamp Coinbase three exchanges on the 18th all day trading data, TokenGazer found that the active buy orders on Bitstamp exceeded the active sell orders, Bitfinex and Coinbase on the active sell orders more than the active buy orders; the current Coinbase BTC / USD is still at a premium to Bitfinex, but The premium gap is shrinking; in terms of computing power, the BTC computing power shows a certain downward trend; in terms of futures, there is a slight decline in the BTC long-short billing volume.