Breaking through the encirclement, how does Lambda become a dark horse for decentralized network storage?

At 7pm on June 17th, Lambda founder He Xiaoyang, HCoin CEO David L, Xingyao Capital Investment Partner Chen Liang was a guest at the ChainNode live room (formerly Babbitt Live Room).

Lambda focuses on distributed storage, how do you combine decentralized storage with blockchain incentives? What can decentralized storage help the blockchain solve? How does the blockchain incentive mechanism help the development of the storage industry? How do the three guests view the controversial status of decentralized network storage? What prompted Lambda's cooperation with Hcoin to make Lambda the Hcoin 8th IEO?


The following is a live recording, organized by the ChainNode live broadcast.

Guest: Lambda founder He Xiaoyang, HCoin CEO David L, Xingyao Capital Investment Partner Chen Liang.

Host: Xiao Yan

Xiao Yan: Why does Lambda have to do decentralized storage? And what are the advantages of comparing it to centralized storage?

He Xiaoyang: Decentralized storage is actually two complementary concepts. The first aspect is that decentralized storage can help the blockchain industry solve problems; the other is the organization of blockchain and the model based on Token economy. Can help the storage industry solve problems.

Let's talk about the first concept. The application of the mature blockchain industry and the actual application scenarios that everyone expects are not many. It's hard to put the real business on the chain's books, because the books are actually a very small storage space, and it's inefficient. If all people go to the same book, it will inevitably lead to efficiency and performance problems. So our point is that it is possible that we need a new thing, that is, it has all the advantages of BlockChain – these data can be tampered with, not deleted, can be trusted through password consensus, but also can really save A little something is on it. The existing blockchain is still unable to meet this demand.

We hope to solve the problem that the existing BlockChain can't carry any business. It can at least take part of the data in this kind of place that is not on the chain, but can be trusted like a chain, can be freely accessed, can be proved not deleted, has not been tampered with, and will not be visited at the same time Performance problems like chains don't have very expensive costs, which is what we call a blockchain storage.

At the same time, how can the blockchain change distributed storage? From the earliest Sia Coin to STORJ, to Filecoin to the current Lambda. From the earliest only one chain, there is no stored item; to the second item with storage but no chain, it uses the Token of Token to send money to the centralized miner; to Filecoin, a project with chain storage It is only slower to develop. So Lambda thinks that we are a simplified version or a "Filecoin" that is quickly developed in China. The data should belong to its owner. Decentralized storage hopefully achieves this goal, but it has not yet been implemented.

Chen Liang: I think central storage and distributed storage are complementary. Many cloud service providers are also doing a node-like storage. The original cloud service is to improve the efficiency of its own storage and the efficiency of the call. If the owner of the data does not ask for it, the space for storing the data hard disk may not be able to support it. Including miners, how much data is stored is entirely determined by demand. If you do not renew the fee, the right to dispose of this data will be transferred, which is a fundamental difference.

We hope that these two methods can coexist or be compatible. Some of them can exist on the network of this kind of loop. The other part of the data may be mapped, or a way of pointing, or two related ways. Or hierarchical data produces a symbiotic state, which is my judgment for the next one or two or three or five years.

Xiao Yan: From the user's point of view, do they have the motivation to use a product that is weaker than the centralized product? Users need to give data to an untrusted node to protect, how to solve the privacy problem?

He Xiaoyang: Blockchain storage is still a very early stage. It should belong to a special industry. It is a kind of less, but at the same time more expensive, but it provides a storage space with some additional features.

First of all, its characteristics, the data is fragmented and encrypted, the miner can prove to you that he saved the data for you, and the miner can not delete it, because the deletion will lead to the inability to complete the certificate, or he can not receive your money. Second, if you want to delete the data, the miner can also prove to you that he has deleted, he did not save the data without authorization; third, how your data is transferred.

So differentiated storage has three distinct characteristics, clear deterministic data storage, deterministic deletion, and deterministic data flow. These are not available for centralized storage. I believe that there should be a need in the future, just as it is now necessary to use private keys to control their wealth. In the future, private keys are needed to control their own data.  

Xiao Yan: Can you simply understand that one of the most important application scenarios that require decentralized storage, or the applicable population is such a group of people who do “ disharmonious content or sensitive information content? If so, will there be any danger in various policies?

He Xiaoyang: As far as the information of bank users is concerned, it is not sensitive content, it is only closely related to personal assets. I personally feel that it will not be used to store video, audio, and will not be used to store any reactionary content. It is more likely to store some data directly related to your money, or data that can be directly realized.

Xiao Yan: Filecoin has always been a hot spot for a long time. For such a competitor, what do you think Lambda and Filecoin will kill ? Or do they coexist?

He Xiaoyang: Filecoin recently offered a reward of $20 million to find a new random VDF function. Because Filecoin's consensus uses two kinds of proofs: one is called copy proof, one is called space-time proof, where space-time proof depends on copy proof, and the copy proof uses the so-called VDF function. In fact, there is a VDF function all over the world. If you can find a better VDF function, its efficiency will be further improved. In fact, Filecoin has been working on the only control algorithm for 14 years from 17 years to 17 years. Filecoin doesn't work very slowly, but the problem it faces is not something engineers can solve.

From the current point of view, the development of a project will bring about the development of all projects in our field. The miners in our field must spend more, that is, the miners can use a hard disk to dig at the same time including File coin, Lambda, etc. Use post space to prove the consensus project. Our projects in this field are essentially a relationship, not a relationship, and can help each other.

In this case, the user may have a 100 T hard drive. He may help Filecoin save ten T data. At this time, he still has 90 T idle, the user can help three projects, three customers. Parallel mining to the end, the output is three times, as long as the bandwidth is enough CPU will not cost a lot.

The current Filecoin issue may also be a problem that hinders our progress in this area. But I still believe that if they can be more flexible, or if the support can get a little bigger, we will go faster. There is no theoretical obstacle in the realization of this field, but everyone has encountered in many of these details. Strangely difficult, basically this is a status quo in our industry.

Xiao Yan: In February of this year , Lambda started mining . Since the main network has not yet been on, just testing the network, why is there a saying of mining” ? Where does its incentive income come from ?

He Xiaoyang: This is a question of whether there is a chicken or an egg first. If the main network is not on, there will be no miners, and without the miners we will not be able to test.

The solution is to use the test network to reward the miners, but the miners dig in the test net currency, but it is indeed available every day. Under such incentives, the miners helped us to test all the networks.

Now all the miners in Lambda have more than 5,000 people. At the peak of the test, there are about 400 miners. From the cash, we should send all the miners who participated in our tests every day from 230,000 to 240,000.

Xiao Yan: When it comes to mining machines, many people are deceived because of unknown circumstances. How many guests can give suggestions on how to identify I PFS mining machine scams?

He Xiaoyang: We also think of various media to expose, so that everyone should not buy a mining machine. However, in the domestic situation, it is useless to stand up. We can only hope that no matter how you participate in the so-called IPFS ecosystem, the final outcome is not a bad ending. It may not be a good start.

If someone asks me, I don't think you need to buy an IPFS miner at least. You can try to do it with your own machine. If you can't do it, you can go find someone with IT skills.

Users of the blockchain, users of the currency circle, must gradually improve their own awareness, in order to earn money in an asset bubble game stage. I hope that everyone can learn more about blockchain, first to gain wealth in this field; second, you can bring sustainable development momentum to this field.

Xiao Wei: Lambda is the 8th IEO project of HCoin. What is Hcoin's IEO specific purchase process?

David L : Let's talk about the time node first. We will start the purchase from 10:00 on June 18th. The purchase time is three days. [ Lambda's IEO subscription is too hot, the next day at 10 o'clock, the first time is no second, more Hcoin on the coin information stamp here ]

Xiao Yan : Many exchanges are selling point cards. Hcoin also has its own point card . Will the introduction of the card conflict with the platform currency ?

David L: First of all, the conflict is definitely not talked about. The profit of the point card sales, we will be used to repurchase the platform currency, the platform currency will have more application scenarios to enable him to achieve value transfer, the two should complement each other, there is no contradiction.

Xiao Yan: As an investor, how does Chen Boss generally identify good projects, and what is the investment logic?

  Chen Liang: First of all, it depends on the industry background of the founder. Is it a senior person who can find the pain points of the industry; then it depends on the problem to be solved by the project. The white paper has no problem. Finally, according to the actual situation, give a certain Development time.

If the problem is solved, it will be more concerned in the next stage, such as 5G network. Then the project leader should be able to understand the industry in depth and truly solve the problem.

Xiao Yan: Before the end of the live broadcast, I asked a few of our guests to talk about the planning for the second half of this year.

He Xiaoyang: What we have to do in the second half of the year is also very simple, to achieve the goals that Lambda has planned.

We want to truly make Lambda a completely mainstream project, whether it is from the miners or the secondary market, so we have to go to all the exchanges in the world, and in the first half of the year, there were about 30 exchanges, including BTS, OK. Fire coins, gates, etc. The next step is to go to the international exchange. We don't want to be labeled as "this is a Chinese project", we want to become a top ten or top 20 project that everyone thinks is a bland.

David L: Let me talk about the general plan of the Hcoin exchange. First of all, we hope to become a major trading platform for Lambda.

On the first anniversary of the Hcoin exchange, in August, a relatively large-scale global conference was held. Whether it is the upgrade from the front end, the upgrade of the kernel, or the improvement of the product, I hope that you can witness the development of Hcoin on the first anniversary, join us to grow and bring more value to everyone.

At the same time from the perspective of the exchange, I personally hope to give some advice to all investors. First, if you want to make long-term investments, I suggest you choose some mainstream coins, like BTC. If you want to make some medium- and long-term investments, you can choose the platform that you think has potential, together with his exchange. To grow, the second found some valuable projects, just like Lambda. Then the third one, if you want to make a short-term investment, then I think IEO is a good choice. Finally, in the process of development, everyone must improve their own awareness to protect their assets.

Xiao Yan: In the end, I asked our audience for a question that everyone might care about. How do the three people look at the current trend of the market? Do you think that the bull market is coming now?

He Xiaoyang: My point is that the bull market will not be as scheduled. First of all, it did not come out as a representative new project like the last bull market; second, the fanaticism it brought, I think it was not obvious in 17 years. I think that bitcoin, a currency with broad consensus, can rise very high, and the meaningless air currency, the altcoin will accelerate its demise. This wave of market is a good coin to expel bad money. Whether it is a bear market or a bull market, I like it a lot.

David L: The concept of a bear market and a bull market, we have to look at which angle to look at. According to BTC, there is no concept of a bear market and a bull market for a faithful believer like me. For our platform currency, it is now a starting point for a small bull market, more and more users, and more and more users of consensus.

Chen Liang: I think this is an important signal. Facebook came with 2.7 billion people. Within one to two years, it may spawn a blockchain network that exceeds BTC because it has a broad consensus user base around the world. It turns out that many projects that cannot be landed on the blockchain may have landed because of this folk stable currency that represents 2.7 billion users.

Copywriting: Wang Junyao