Thomas Lee: Libra or can be used for cryptocurrency asset speculation, equivalent to the dollar in financial asset speculation

Fundstrat co-founder Thomas Lee issued a tweet on June 19th to consider Libra's benefits for cryptocurrencies from the practical use of money. The dollar is more commonly used for speculation than for commodity trading media. The ratio of the two uses is 96:1. The $1 used to purchase goods is traded 96 times in foreign exchange transactions and financial asset transactions. With this in mind, Libra will be used for speculation in other cryptocurrency assets, such as the original Libra may be used to purchase BTC. At the same time, consider the impact of the $100 billion legal currency on the price of cryptocurrency. After the halving of the BTC, the daily supply is $1.8 billion; Libra's liquidity may be greater than $50 billion (at a price of $25). It can be said that Libra's use is similar to that of French currency. The same unit of Libra will be traded 96 times in financial asset speculation, and 100 billion Libra liquidity will be used for speculation to reach 9.6 trillion US dollars. The current total cryptocurrency market is less than $200 billion.