Babbitt SheKnows Meng Meng: The open financial purpose and dual currency structure mentioned in the Libra blockchain project is very exciting.

On June 19, the chief executive of CSDN, CSDN Vice President Meng Yan Babbitt's live online program She Knows said that the Libra white paper of Facebook's cryptocurrency has shocked and surprised him two things: 1. The white paper is open to finance. Things are more straightforward, beyond my expectations. The purpose – open finance, reflects the new trend of Wall Street, indicating that the current US blockchain and digital currency leaders have gradually reached a consensus. The biggest application of the blockchain is open finance, which is to break a small group of people in high-end conference rooms to determine the financial rights of most people. 2. Second, the dual currency structure, Libra + Investment Token. This is the topic of my interest in economic incentive research. My research shows that the single-coin model is unlikely to be stable and must be ups and downs. So I have been raising double coins in the circle. This time I saw Libra is also a double currency, very pleased.