Interview with SheKnows is in full swing | The first time for you to interpret Facebook digital currency white paper

WeChat scan code to watch the live broadcast – SheKnows interprets the Facebook white paper at 8 o'clock tonight. Tonight's expert discussion group is: cryptocurrency researcher Gu Yanxi, on FB post link:; quantum school founder Luo Jinhai, on FB post link: https://; Liu Chang, the founder of Zhimi University; Feng Xiaodong, CEO of MixinNetwork; Wang Binsheng, special tutor of finance, Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; Cao Yu, Managing Director of Digital Renaissance Foundation; Ji Zhoudong; founder of Babbitt Chang; Tao Rongzhen founder. The live broadcast has begun and the SheKnows source point group is undergoing the most profound and intuitive interpretation.