Babbitt SheKnows Meng Meng: Libra lets us see a global financial infrastructure at your fingertips

On June 19, Meng Yan, CSDN's vice president of CSDN, said in the Babit online live program She Knows that the emergence of the Libra blockchain project allowed us to see a global financial infrastructure at your fingertips. It is mainly reflected in the following three aspects: 1. As a global financial infrastructure, Libra will not be made by one company, nor is it the only way to choose it. It opened up part of the code to let everyone create the global financial infrastructure with it. 2. Financial services. At the beginning, the big probability is that the unique models of DeFi and Staking are chained up to Libra. Later, financial services such as insurance and funds are moving up. By the time the open financial services are integrated, the overall advantage is very prominent. For example, if you want to create a song, you want to open a short video column, it may be easy to find someone to distribute, crowdfunding and even insurance. All applications will be financialized. 3. Community integration. Some of Southeast Asia's CIS economies have been very active in considering how to connect to the Libra ecosystem.