Babbit SheKnows丨JBoss founder: Libra is just a payment, transfer, hosting solution, but it won't bring much change

On June 19th, Marc Fleury, founder of JBoss, the founder of the US open source pioneer, and FreeSide Funds founder, said in the Babbitt live broadcast program She Knows, Libra solved some of the retail functions of the banking system (funding, transfer and remittance). It is a function of the bank. But there is no part that is more "interesting", neither creating money nor therefore having currency functions. We also need to note that the initial reserve is $1 billion. I don't think Libra has such a global reserve. Libra is just a payment, transfer, remittance, hosting solution, just like WeChat… it's cool, but it's not too revolutionary. Libra is a stable currency for payments and remittances. Its competitive advantage is its Has a huge user base. It is not a speculative way of storing value like Bitcoin, it does not compete with Bitcoin.