Russian Deputy Minister of Finance: Russia will pass the encryption bill within two weeks

On June 19th, the Russian parliament state Duma will pass the country's main encryption bill "Digital Financial Assets" (DFA) in the next two weeks. Russian Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev revealed that the State Duma is currently considering DFA and is expected to pass the bill in the next two weeks. Moiseev added that the authorities approved separate legislation on initial coin issuance, which will become part of the Russian crowdfunding law. So Russia will have two bills related to cryptocurrencies, DFA and crowdfunding laws, Moiseev said, adding that DFA is expected to be approved in the version for the second reading. If adopted according to official expectations, Russia's encryption regulation will be conducted in accordance with the order of President Putin of the country, which requires the state to supervise the encryption industry before July 1, 2019.