Babbitt SheKnows丨Mixin Network CEO Feng Xiaodong: Due to the dual private key idea similar to CryptoNote, Mixin's account privacy is better than Libra

On June 19th, Feng Xindong, CEO of Mixin Network, said in the Babit live broadcast program She Knows that the difference between the Mixin network and Libra is that Mixin does not use the blockchain, but uses DAG, and the transaction is finally confirmed to be faster. Libra's node join is a federated chain model that requires human qualification review, and Mixin's nodes are completely open and free to join. In terms of privacy, Mixin and Libra have basically the same idea and do not support untrackable transactions like Monero. However, Mixin's account privacy is better, using a dual private key idea like CryptoNote to ensure that no one can publicly query their transaction records and account balances.