Cloudflare launches Ethereum Gateway to make blockchain as easy as internet access

Internet security provider Cloudflare has added the Ethereum Gateway to its Distributed Web Gateway toolbox, allowing users to interact with the Ethereum network without having to install any software. Cloudflare's Distributed Web Gateway project is designed to extend the decentralized Web ecosystem and enhance its reliability, speed and ease of use.


Typically, running a blockchain network requires downloading and encrypting hundreds of gigabytes of data, which is an impossible task for low-power devices and devices with lower technology thresholds. This tool from Cloudflare allows all Internet-enabled devices to interact with the Ethereum network.

This setup will make it possible to explore this blockchain and add interactive elements to the Etherin Smart Contract-driven website. This gateway allows users to add new contracts in Ethereum without having to run the node, because Cloudflare will be responsible for the transaction signature and transfer it to the network for the miner to process.

Cloudflare's service is completely free. Nick Sullivan, head of cryptography at Cloudflare, explained that the program "uses the existing Cloudflare network, which already offers many free services."

Sullivan pointed out that for a system in the early stages of development, it is still too early to talk about costs, but there may be income opportunities in the future.

However, for now, the company wants to allow non-professionals to access and use smart contracts. In a sense, Sullivan believes that Cloudflare does this for developers and the entire ecosystem, "to prove that calculations can be done in different ways."

Cloudflare's Jonathan Hoyland said in a blog post:

"By providing a gateway to the Ethereum network, we can help users transition from ordinary network users to cryptocurrency native users, ultimately making distributed networks an important part of the Internet."

Cloudflare considers itself to be an access point in an "existing gateway cluster", which means that despite its improved reverse channel speed, it does not become a central authority on the chain.

Currently, newcomers using this gateway can interact with the sample app. If you have some knowledge of the technology, you can access the RPC API, from checking the contract to transferring funds. This interface can almost do anything that the Ethereum network itself can do. thing.

Despite the ambition to break the barriers of distributed computing, Sullivan said that most Cloudflare users are amateurs, including independent bloggers, image-sharing sites and technicians who use the Cloudflare IFPS gateway.

Sullivan said:

“ETH and IPFS are well-known in a small circle (in the field of cryptocurrency). But they are not widely known and widely understood by a wider audience. Part of the reason for this announcement is to help improve the status of these agreements… …to solve the problem of distributed computing."