Market sentiment is on the verge of short-term risks but is quietly approaching

Market fundamentals:

After a short-term surge in bitcoin, market confidence in the long-awaited currency market began to recover. The team with strong financial strength also began to pay attention to the cake of stable currency. Market sentiment is besieged on all sides, and good news is constantly appearing, but short-term risks are quietly approaching.

Trend Analysis BTC

After the strong breakout of the bitcoin market, the touch of $5,335 was pushed up by the market sentiment and quickly dropped to $4,830 (Bitfinex platform). This is the first callback. As the market's positive news continued to release the disk again, but the previous corrections were insufficient, and the short-term downside risk will reappear. The bit market will be consolidating in the range of $4810 to $5300 (the range of movements has slightly moved up over time). To gain momentum for the rise of the daily trend of the daily line level.

Below support level Bitfinex: $4810\fire coin: $4770

Upper pressure bit Bitfinex: $5,330\fire coin: $5,280


Ethereum showed signs of influx of funds in the early stage of the rise, but it did not have a significant impact on the trend development, and continued to follow the trend of the bit market.

Below the support level: $157

Above pressure pressure: $176


The Litecoin has been eager to try again after a short-term surge in the short-term upswing, and the trend continues to strengthen. According to the long upper shadow line above the daily line on April 6, the market funds will differentiate in the short-term, and there will be cash-outs at the top, paying attention to short-term risks! In the later stage, the disk needs to be consolidated to initiate an effective breakthrough.

Below the support level: $78

Above pressure pressure: $98


The trend of grapefruit EOS and Litecoin is similar, but the market strength is slightly weaker than Litecoin. In the later period, the disk needs to be consolidated to initiate an upward breakthrough.

Below the support level: $4.7

Upper pressure bit fire coin: (corrected to) $5.8

This article represents only personal opinions and does not constitute any investment advice! The market has risks to enter the market to be cautious!

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