Jiang Changhao, a senior research scientist in Facebook: Facebook and the existing public chain will have a different development trend

Babbitt's live report, on June 20th, at the exclusive Libra meeting of Facebook veterans, Jiang Changhao, Cobo co-founder and former senior research scientist at Facebook, said that this event is a huge positive and positive for the bitcoin and blockchain industries. Pushing. Now digital currency is still a very small circle, with a scale of 30 million to 50 million, compared with 2.7 billion for Facebook users, which is 2%. Facebook launch may allow hundreds of millions of users to use digital currency through Facebook to help the mainstream. The crowd knows more about the industry. Technically, Facebook may have a little overlap with the existing public chain in the scene, but the whole plate is large and there will be a different development trend. Facebook will also face great challenges, mainly from regulation, because different countries have different views on digital currencies across borders, and the process of Facebook communication may not be smooth. Facebook's wallet and Cobo wallet will not compete, but will work together for a win-win situation. In the future, there will be diversified needs to be met. Libra's wallet is a model of FB ecology, more of an educational ecology, but certainly not the main purpose. If it does everything, it is not an ecological, further mining of user needs, and localization services, it is impossible for Facebook to complete.