Former Facebook engineer Wang Huai: Facebook Alliance Stabilization Coin will anchor the physical world is just the beginning

Babbitt's live report, June 20, at the exclusive Libra meeting of Facebook veterans, linear capital CEO and founder, the original Facebook second Chinese engineer Wang Huai said that it is consistent with the idea of ​​socializing ten years ago, the United States Traditional payment is very good, the credit card system basically has everyone's card, so it is very difficult to fight against existing payment. Facebook has three advantages: 2.7 billion cross-border users, Zuckerberg's pattern is high and its appeal. When new things come out, they will be traditional. If you look at traditional currencies, shells, bones, metals, banknotes, etc. by biological taxonomy, the digital currency field may also undergo such a process. The company itself issued the currency, but found that it did not work, and then the nature of Bitcoin became an investment, then a stable currency. This is a meaningful attempt, but there are problems with trust formation, such as USDT. Facebook is a kind of alliance stable currency. A coalition anchors a basket of currencies together. The credibility is greatly improved. How will it develop in the future? Anchoring the physical world is just the beginning. In the future, there may be no US dollars. Facebook is more focused on practical tokens and becomes mainstream. Bitcoin is not going to die, it is more like antiques, forming a differentiation in the digital currency world.