Dialogue Ren Zhengfei, the American economist suggested that Huawei lay out the blockchain

On June 17, Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei and American economist George Gilde and well-known author Nicholas Negroponte discussed the topic of globalization and basic technology. During the period, George Gilde repeatedly mentioned the application of blockchain technology and the development of digital currency. And recommend Huawei to develop blockchain.

Discussed blockchain twice with Ren Zhengfei

When talking about whether Huawei will still be with American companies, George Gilde, a well-known economist and well-known author of Forbes, said that innovation depends on a safe environment, so that these innovative companies can get globally. Trust and recognition. Regarding how to ensure security, George Gilde mentioned the blockchain. He believes that the blockchain is an innovation and one of the cores of the new generation of technology that is focused on various technologies around the world. "I think it must also To be included in Huawei's future plans."

When asked what major trends will be focused on in the future, George Gilde said that he will continue to pay attention to the development of the blockchain and digital currency system:

“I think the basic challenge facing the global economy today is to solve the currency scandal. Today we have $5.1 trillion in cash transactions every 24 hours. These cash transactions are nothing, except for giving the central bank the right to plagiarize the future to consume Resources… So I think the huge benefit of the blockchain is that it allows the global currency to regain its role as a hundred years ago. The blockchain is not only a new Internet architecture, but also a new global economy. Architecture.

“This is not personal wealth, a measure of wealth, guiding the entrepreneur's creativity and vision. You need a measuring rule to measure problems and transactions. All of this is possible thanks to a common measuring rule. Nano is also like this.

“Currency is a very important measurement standard. However, the currencies of countries around the world are different and controlled by central banks. This makes the currency in a very chaotic state, which leads to a slowdown in world economic growth and the inability to further develop trade. The country is more divided and there is constant conflict in terms of currency value. I think Huawei has a good opportunity to play a key role in solving this challenge.

It can be seen that George Gilde is very optimistic about the trend of the blockchain.

Who is George Gilde?

George Gilde, a famous American futurist and economist, is known as one of the "three thinkers of the digital age." In the 1980s, he was a representative of the supply school economics. In the 1990s, he was an advocate of the new economy. He is a contributor to famous magazines such as Forbes and Harvard Business Review. He is the author of Post-Google Times: The Decline of Big Data and the Rise of Blockchain Economy, and Post-TV Times.

Inter-Chain Pulse has compiled George Gilde's comments on the blockchain and digital currency and found that the economist has repeatedly expressed his optimism about the prospects of blockchain and digital currency.

Last September, George Gilde's new book, "The Post-Google Era: The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy," was printed and published in China. George Gilde mentioned in the book that the Google era is the age of information Internet, and its primary rule is “communication first”, which means that everything can be copied, moved and changed freely and freely. While value and security are not part of the information technology architecture, this system will eventually be replaced.

At the same time, the new structure of the blockchain and its derivatives, the “cryptosystem”, is where the future of mankind lies. Value Internet Iterative Information Internet, which will distract the power and business of computers, and thus trigger a huge transformation of the economy and the world system.

George Gilde also quoted Zhou Xiaochuan, former president of the People's Bank of China, as the voice of the digital currency. Zhou Xiaochuan once proposed to build a new currency, the super-sovereign reserve currency, to promote the reform of the international monetary system. On November 7, 2018, George Gilde said at a reader meeting in Beijing that we can now pass the secret The calculation system creates the new currency that Zhou Xiaochuan said, and this currency will also save our existing financial system.

As a measure of value, money should only have one. In George Gilde's view, the "Privacy System" provides a solution to the security problems on the Internet and provides a solution to the money scandal that can reverse the waste of the current $5.1 trillion in cash transactions. The essence of money is scarcity, and money is actually the incarnation of time scarcity in the economic world. Therefore, wasting money or manipulating money is actually the scarcity of manipulating time. The blockchain allows our identity, information, and personal data to be owned by the producer without being manipulated by humans.

In the economics of the United States and other countries, blockchain research has become a manifestation. The inter-chain pulse has compiled the works of experts and scholars in the field of economics in the world. In these works, the authors introduced the digital currency system to different degrees and expressed their views.

Appendix I:

George Gilde's "After Google's Era: The Decline of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy", "Google's Ten Laws" vs. "The Secret System":

Google's first law: focus on users.

The first law of the secret: focus on security.

Google's second law: If you can do one thing to the extreme, then it will succeed.

The second law of the secret: to provide customers with the space to let them display their talents, to ensure that they have the safest mechanism.

Google's third law: faster than slow, even if humans can not keep up with the pace of the machine.

The third law of imitation: Even if you want to sacrifice 10,000 times the speed of technology development, you must strive to provide users with a security architecture.

Google's fourth law: the Internet can achieve democracy.

The fourth law of the secret: Most people always have the dominant power. The blockchain is a multi-level management organization. People don't need to vote, they only need to allocate power.

Google's fifth law: If you want to find an answer, you don't have to sit at the table.

The fifth law of immigration: If our mobile phone is really smart, at least it can block and block ads that you don't want to see.

Google's Sixth Law: You can make a profit without doing evil.

The sixth law of the secret: the first profit. The biggest waste at the moment is not resources, but the world's largest currency transaction.

Google's Seventh Law: There is always more information to explore and explore.

The Seventh Law of Implied: Information should be owned by the creator, not by the distributor, and nothing is free.

Google's Eighth Law: It is very important to ensure that information can span all areas.

The eighth law of the secret: the secret system will respect the boundaries of the personal computer, so that security belongs to users and devices, and does not belong to the network.

Google's ninth law: Even if you don't have a suit, you can still be serious.

The ninth law of the secret: you can trade freely without submitting any personal information to an unsecured network.

Google's tenth law: It's not good enough.

The tenth law of the secret: we provide a security architecture and time-stamped factual authentication, so that we can provide a platform for customers to do what they can't do, can't do.

Gu Ge's world system is problematic from these ten laws, and the secret system can help you to scatter clouds and fog, and use the method of cloud computing to provide a patching solution for Gu Ge's broken world system.

Appendix II: Related Works in the Economics Blockchain

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