TS running road funds guarding action: ETH part of the funds frequently transferred and implemented money laundering

According to blockchain security company PeckShield monitoring, from yesterday afternoon, PeckShield lock-up monitoring TokenStore running key address, the beginning of the 0x8a7df8 and 0x5d9f09 convergence ETH address frequent transfer of funds. Up to now, 180 ETHs have been converted into ERC20 tokens such as KuboCoin, and another 19,663 ETHs have been distributed among 10 different addresses. According to PeckShield security personnel analysis, in order to escape asset tracking, TS Runway is likely to carry out money laundering operations in various ways such as “distributing addresses, buying and selling small currencies”. In view of the frequent occurrence of wallet running events, users are reminded to pay attention to identify some suspicious “fraud” wallets, and participate in investment cautiously to avoid loss of digital assets.