The scene hits the 丨 link to change the world, and the domain is heavily released by the digital asset service platform Whale Spirit

Today (June 20th), the domain-based digital asset service platform Whale Ling was released at the "Integrated Fusion, Chained Future, 2019 Blockchain Innovation Application Release and Domain Eco-Partners Conference" hosted by the domain. The participants were highly praised. Cao Shenghu, the founder and CEO of the domain, said that at present, the Internet giants have collectively begun to lay out blockchains, and the commercial-grade blockchains have been innovated and applied, and pragmatism has become an inevitable choice in history. The blockchain is about to create a more disruptive and transformative Internet era, transforming the Internet from the information Internet to the value Internet, while the blockchain brings value to the Internet. Digital assets are the biggest track in this trend. Cao Shenghu also pointed out that “domains as the builders of digital highways, in addition to building value highways in the design of blockchain commercial platform architecture, can also ensure asset intelligence links, allowing data to return to users. Based on blockchain On the digital asset service platform, Whale Ling, users can release, store, and trade digital assets with one click and enjoy new digital asset services."