On-site direct hit 丨 "YUHU eco-partners create a plan" officially set sail

On June 20th, at the “Convergence Fusion, Chain Driven Future, 2019 Blockchain Innovation Application Release and Domain Eco-Partnership Conference” hosted by the domain, the domain announced the official launch of the “YUHU Eco-Partners Co-creation Plan”. Focus on quality partners in new retail, new services, supply chain, smart manufacturing, and shared economy, and work together to build an innovative ecosystem. At the same time, in this conference, the domain signed a signing ceremony with Haier Agriculture, Jiangnan University, Zhiyun and Lexus Software, which became a highlight of this event. As an innovative technology company that has laid out blockchains earlier in the country, it is hoped that the “blockchain+” technology will drive the ecological partners to rapidly improve product application and service capabilities to create higher value. The chain is worth the blue ocean. Here, both enterprises and individuals, as long as they have professional technical capabilities or experienced customer resources in a certain field, and want to introduce blockchain technology into their own business and use them, the domain is sincerely welcome to join the community. Explore a new era of blockchain.