Yesterday, EOS Dapp active users decreased their trading volume but increased

According to RatingToken data, yesterday's EOS/ETH/TRON three major public-chain platform Dapp active users are: EOS 95073, down 10.32% from the previous day; ETH 22082, down 4.45% from the previous day; TRON 49004, up 5.68% from the previous day. Judging from the number of transactions, yesterday's three major public chain Dapp transactions are more than zero total 650 (EOS 230, ETH261, TRON159), of which EOS Dapp totaled 4,250,340, an increase of 3.54% from the previous day; ETH Dapp transaction The total number of votes was 82,433, down 6.63% from the previous day; the total number of TRON Dapp transactions was 569,306, up 0.61% from the previous day.