The first block of the blockchain company has won the C round of financing, and the upper naval and civilized industrial investment fund led the investment.

Babbitt news on June 20th, blockchain technology service company Zhongxiangbit officially announced today that it has obtained tens of millions of yuan of C-round financing led by the Shanghai Navy's integrated industry investment fund , and the funds have all been received. At this point, Zhongxiang Bit has completed the financing of over RMB 100 million .

Zhongxiang Bit CEO Yan Ting said that this round of financing will be used for technology research and development and channel expansion.

Founded in 2014, Zhongxiangbit is a technology service company that has been engaged in the development of the underlying platform and application case of blockchain earlier in China. Unlike other blockchain companies, the business model of the public share is clear. The company focuses on building the underlying technology platform of the blockchain, while the upper-level business system is built by partners (system integrators or customers themselves) to create a complete, easy-to-use and easy-to-use system with the expertise of their respective fields.

At the technical level , Zhongxiang Bit has 71 software copyrights, has applied for 55 core patents, and has 14 licenses, and the number of blockchain patent licenses ranks among the top three in China. Zhongxiangbit is the only Chinese domestic and international company to obtain the commercial password product model certificate issued by the National Cryptographic Authority, the Ministry of Public Security computer information system security special product sales license, and the Chinese blockchain selected for the central state agency software agreement supply and purchase project. enterprise.

At the product level , the company currently has three main products: ChainSQL, WisChain and the popular blockchain five platforms.

Specifically, ChainSQL is the world's first blockchain-based database application platform. It combines the blockchain with the traditional database, and treats each operation of the database as a transaction, building a blockchain-based network. Log-based database application platform. WisChain aims to build an efficient, secure, intelligent and scalable enterprise-level blockchain architecture system, providing multi-service channels and programmable chain code calling resources to provide customized intelligent contracts for enterprise business operation and maintenance. The five major platforms of the blockchain include: blockchain supply chain financial platform, blockchain integral management platform, blockchain deposit management platform, blockchain data sharing platform and blockchain traceability management platform. The chain technology is integrated with various industries to promote the industry to reduce costs and increase efficiency and develop better.

In terms of landing , the popular bit uses the mode of the software manufacturer To B instead of the Internet company TO C to do the blockchain application scenario. In the past five years, the company has visited more than 2,000 users. At present, there are more than 100 application scenarios, including financial, e-government, public security, energy, communications, agriculture, traceability, Internet of Things, supply chain management, etc. End scene. Among them, the blockchain trade finance platform developed in cooperation with the Construction Bank is the largest blockchain trade financial platform in the industry. The total transaction volume has exceeded 300 billion yuan .

Solid technical research and development experience and rich project service experience have won the favor of the upper naval and civilized industrial investment fund; the fund participated in the lead of the C-round financing of the public, which is the first blockchain invested since the establishment of the fund. Business .

Shanghai Military-civilian Integration Industry Investment Fund is a municipal-level industrial investment fund led by Shanghai Guosheng Group under the guidance of Shanghai Economic and Information Commission and Shanghai Municipal Defense Science and Technology Office. It has strong government resources, industrial resources, and financial and capital resources. Advantages, mainly investing in major projects such as the military transfer to the people, the civilian participation army and the dual-use technology industrialization.

Yan Ting said that the company has completed multiple application applications in finance, government affairs, industrial control, intelligent equipment and other important industries. At the same time, it has many unique qualifications in the industry, which provides a good place for the company to enter the military security field. Foundation and driving force. The Shanghai Military-Military Integration Industry Investment Fund will bring business resources such as military and state-owned enterprise application scenarios to the company. The two sides share resources in terms of brand, technology, marketing channels and customer base.

The public share was created by the national science and technology expert library in the library experts, well-known security experts and blockchain technology experts Yan Ting in 2014, has won the light speed A round of investment, letter Zhongli led the investment of the B round, UF's happiness investment B+ round investment.

At present, the total team members of the company are around 100, and the technical talents account for about 2/3 of the company. They have established subsidiaries in Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Changsha, Hefei, Hangzhou and Singapore. .

In 2019, the company will lay out market resources from three aspects: productization, open source and channelization. The shareholder is responsible for polishing the underlying technology and product arsenal of the blockchain. System integrators and channel partners are responsible for building sales channels and sharing areas. The bonus of the development of blockchain technology.