The Swiss Financial Market Regulatory Authority has contacted Libra project sponsors on regulatory issues

According to France24, the Swiss market regulator Financial Markets Authority (FINMA) confirmed on Thursday that it has contacted the “initiator” of the Facebook cryptocurrency project, mainly around the recent regulatory concerns. FINAMA spokesperson Tobias Lux said in an email: "We can confirm that we are in contact with the sponsor of the project." According to previous news, Libra was launched this week by Facebook and more than 20 partners, based in Geneva. Supervised by the Libra Association, a non-profit organization. Lux declined to comment on the details of FINMA's exchanges with the association, but said that the regulator's role is to determine whether “the services in Libra's plan require Swiss regulatory law approval and, if necessary, which laws are to be determined.” The Libra Association said They are registered in Switzerland because they "have a globally neutral history and are open to blockchain technology." But given Facebook's international influence, it is unlikely that regulators around the world will hand over Libra's regulation to Switzerland.