Xiao Lei: The Fed recognizes the birth of a new world currency, and China should act

Finance columnist Xiao Lei today wrote on the public account that on the second day of Facebook’s release of the Libra white paper, Fed Chairman Powell published a series of views to the media. Powell believes that "a digital currency like Libra has attracted a lot of attention, it is likely to replace the more traditional currency, but it is still in infancy." The Fed will not force Libra to supervise, nor has the authority to do so, but the Fed Ability to exert influence in this area. To put it bluntly, the Fed will use its resources to gain the right to speak and influence the digital currency such as Libra. He believes that those things that have always been regarded as problems will eventually find a solution. In any form, people will always chase a fairer currency, but if China does not fight for it, this kind of fairness (Libra) will still belong. American, not the world.