Market Analysis: BTC's outbreak is rising

Today's BTC trend continues to rise, both of which have risen to a high of around $9,350, showing a desire to break through the stretch, but as the volume is rising, the trend suddenly changes, forming a downward trend of the callback, and the current trend of the evening is still Keeping at $9,300, the amount can still be an inflow state, so in the process of the callback, the empty side can't push the price below $9,300, then the trend will continue to rise;

On the BTC four-hour chart, the Bollinger band is up, and the overall trend is also upward. The MACD is running above the 0-axis. The STOCH is going up at the 50-level line. The short-term trend has a further upward trend. Then we think that if the trend can go up to the $9,400 area. In the short-term, there will be signs of a sharp rise, and the operational recommendations will be much higher, supporting $9,200;


Today's rise continues to be suppressed by 270 US dollars. In the short term, the upside is limited, but the support below is strong. There is no need to worry about the risk of callback. However, the trend of continuous shocks also makes people unable to keep up, and keeps the high-altitude and low-level operation ideas. Continue to follow up and wait for the arrival of the upward trend;


Still can't get past the past, the author has long thought of the expectation, and will continue to maintain the trend of callback in the short term. If you are at a high position with more friends, see if your patience is enough, LTC will not show signs of a turnaround for the time being. The position does not continue to hold, waiting for the rebound opportunity to leave;


Strong deviation from the big cake, the trend continues to be suppressed, there are signs of a second callback, the amount can still be reduced in the short term, ready to take over near 6.5 US dollars, re-washing and then follow-up operation, the current trend It is also difficult to form a good reversal. If it can stand at $6.8 in the short term, you can expect an outbreak.

At present, BTC and mainstream currency have differentiated, BTC has risen and mainstream currency has formed a downward trend. They are all in the retreat stage. Then there are only two forms that may follow. The BTC will continue to be blocked and turn into a downtrend. Everyone will fall and call back to 8800. The US dollar is even lower near the $9,000, and has come back together. The second trend of BTC has formed a strong trend. The mainstream currency continues to shrink or follow slightly. Then there may be signs of compensatory growth. In short, it is now Can't break through the two key areas of $9,400 and break $9,500. The operation can be followed up in a light warehouse. The breakthrough profit margin will naturally be enlarged and the operation will not be squeezed. So keep paying attention and follow up, pay attention to the risk of position. ;