The first step of Bystack commercial application: the side chain Vapor test network officially launched

This afternoon, the Vapor test network, which is backed by the underlying Bystack open platform, was officially launched. As a side chain of Bytom, Vapor was born to improve the efficiency of Bystack and to serve vertical applications. The new hybrid consensus algorithm and high-performance flexible mechanism become the highlight and core advantage of this side chain (Vapor). At present, the basic development work has been completed and officially public beta, community developers and enthusiasts can experience cross-chain transactions, consensus voting and so on. (Vapor test network address: )

As a main chain multi-side chain BUTXO model BaaS platform pioneered by the original chain team, Bystack has low development cost, fast deployment, high performance, strong scalability, safe and reliable, easy to use and so on. The goal is to provide a one-stop solution for blockchain capabilities for developers or businesses.

In the ecological composition of Bystack, Layer1 is the main chain, Layer 2 is the side chain Vapor, and Layer 3 is the application layer. As the most critical Layer 2 sidechain in the "one main multi-side" architecture, along with the Vapor test network, some of the functions described in the white paper have taken shape, and the Bystack platform and the original chain have risen by one dimension. The distance from the blockchain is a real step closer to commercial applications.

0.5 seconds out of block, tens of thousands of TPS, Vapor out of business application first step

Compared to the main chain Bytom, the block speed of a block is generated every 2.5 minutes. The Vapor side chain with the innovative DPoS+BBFT hybrid consensus algorithm can achieve one block every 0.5 seconds, and Vapor will reduce the bandwidth expenditure by compressing the transaction. To increase the speed of the sync block. Vapor's own TPS is tens of thousands of levels, while horizontally expanding throughput can reach more than one million.

At present, the Vapor test network in the public beta has realized the functions of cross-chain trading, consensus voting, DPOS+BBFT hybrid consensus high-speed block. It can be seen that the test network already has the basic basic functions when it is officially launched. The community developers can already try to experience the actual functions of the platform, and can prepare for the development work in advance.

In Bystack's white paper, it has been described in detail that its innovation uses the DPoS+BBFT hybrid consensus algorithm. The combination of DPoS and BBFT greatly improves the efficiency and performance of the sidechain, adapting to large-scale enterprise applications, truly block Chain commercial speed. At the same time, under the flexible structure of “one main and multiple sides”, Bystack can be customized and assembled according to the characteristics of different industries by accessing an unlimited number of side chains to match different assets in reality. Chain scenarios to meet the business needs of different industries and sectors.

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Bystack goes to the sea in August

According to the established plan, the side chain Vapor will be officially launched on July 20. At present, in addition to testing the platform, discovering and repairing possible bugs, the original chain development team will complete relay node automation, code and logic performance optimization, and iterate over the test network in the next month. The automatic cross-chain circulation of assets will be realized between the main side chains.

On August 24th, the second global development competition of the original chain will be held in Silicon Valley, USA. During this period, developers can develop high-performance and commercial-grade application based on Vapor and participate in the development competition. In addition, on the day of the event, KOL, experts and scholars in the industry were invited to discuss issues such as blockchain commercial application and technological innovation. More than the original chain CTO will also give a speech on the development of Bystack in Silicon Valley.

The current development competition has received submissions from developers and development teams from Taiwan, Zambia, Venezuela, India, the United States and other regions and countries. In this competition, we also set up a generous bonus to encourage the world's outstanding developers and development teams to participate, the first prize will receive a BTM worth 30,000 US dollars. At the same time, excellent projects will also be disseminated and exposed by multiple open source communities and media, and will be incubated and supported by technology. I believe that there will be excellent projects based on Bystack for development.

Bystack official website: than the original chain development contest official website: sidechain test network development document: /API-Doc