Analysis shows: Coinbase actively pays far more than the active sell order, the market is driven by its high probability

According to blockchain investment research institute TokenGazer data: UTC time on June 20, bitcoin prices hit a new high, and continued to rise on the 21st, has now risen to the high of last May. The trading volume of Bitstamp, Bitfinex and Coinbase was 7870 BTC, 10590 BTC and 12145 BTC respectively, and the average transaction price was 9383 US dollars, 9432 US dollars and 9418 US dollars respectively. The active buy orders of the three exchanges exceeded the active sell orders, Coinbase's active buy orders exceeded the maximum sell orders, and the ratio of the two was also the largest. Coinbase's bitcoin trading is closed for three hours and will have an impact on the deal. Bitfinex's volume increased significantly during this period, but this did not happen on Bitstamp. From the hourly transaction, Bitfinex and Coinbase's active buy orders are concentrated in an hour before 20:00, and Bitstamp concentrates on an hour after that, indicating that Bitstamp belongs to the upswing during this time.