Well-known financial critic Mo Kaiwei: can rely on blockchain and other technologies to implement process supervision and functional supervision to prevent Internet financial risks

On April 8th, a well-known Chinese financial writer and well-known financial commentator Mo Kaiwei said in a commentary today that the P2P platform in the Internet finance field has been violently violent in the past two years because the mutual gold platform belongs to a kind of financial technology innovation. It has strong concealment, trans-regionality and rapid diffusion. The supervision methods for financial technology are relatively lagging behind. Most of them are mainly offline supervision, leaving behind regulatory gaps to make the bad emerging financial industry organic. Can be multiplied. For this problem, Mo Kaiwei mentioned that according to the objective development reality of the mutual gold industry, the use of high-tech equipment financial supervision means, relying on artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain and other modern scientific and technological means to implement process supervision, functional supervision, Improving the preventive skills and forward-looking skills of financial supervision means not only can effectively prevent known risks, but also can sense risks and predict unknown risks in advance, greatly improve risk identification ability, and eliminate some point-like scattered risks in the bud. It has evolved into a major financial risk.