GST public chain Italy conference ended successfully

On June 19, 2019, the GST public chain project conference ended successfully at the Rome Hotel in Italy. The guests included: GIACOMO CAPPELLA, CEO of Gemdale Energy Block Chain Research Institute, MARCO MASTRACCI, CEO of Foundation, ALESSANDRO DAFFINA, President of Rothschild Bank of Italy, and ALDO DI BIAGIO, Italian Parliamentarian. The GST public chain conference has received wide attention and support from people from all walks of life. The president of Rothschild Bank of Italy and most financial industry celebrities said that the next generation digital economy is an artificial intelligence economy. GST provides various daily interactive services for users and society. GST AI is combined with artificial intelligence through blockchain. Giving the right to control artificial intelligence to every user, rather than being limited to the original centralized platform, will bring new opportunities and challenges to the development of the digital world. It is understood that GST is a comprehensive digital application platform combining blockchain and artificial intelligence technology. It is committed to providing each user with the most valuable intelligent digital asset service, creating a brand new in the diversified market structure. GST digital public chain.