Security Alert: The account creates 1 billion EOS counterfeit currency, and the project party should be vigilant

Beosin Chengdu Chain Security Situational Security Alert: 14:20:11 this afternoon According to the Beosin-Eagle Eye detection of the chain-chain security situational awareness system in Chengdu Chain, the account larry5555555 released 1 billion EOS counterfeit coins and distributed them to several trumpet ( Pandoras1111, pandoras.e, etc.), Hawkeye will continue to track the flow of these counterfeit coins, please continue to pay attention to the trend of the event, make timely warning preparations and self-examination, check whether your contract correctly determines the release of receiving tokens Fang, if necessary, you can find the blockchain security company to conduct code auditing, and you can join the Chengdu Chain An Yingyan situational awareness system. We will provide early warning and warning services for everyone to avoid damage to user assets.