CoinEx will launch leveraged trading on June 24th

On June 21, according to official sources, the CoinEx ( exchange will be trading on leverage on June 24 (HKT). Compared with other platforms, CoinEx leveraged products have the following unique designs: 1. The first dynamic and risk-adjusted risk adjustment mechanism, based on the depth of the market and the dynamic adjustment of the user's assets to be repaid, the risk ratio is only 105%. 2. The first index price price flatning mechanism, CoinEx selected a number of mainstream exchanges as the index weight component, using a uniquely designed leverage index price tag system to avoid forced liquidation caused by large fluctuations in the spot market and protect the rights and interests of users. The first phase of CoinEx will support the BTC/USDT leveraged trading pair, and the second phase will add 5 to 8 mainstream currency leverage trading pairs in July.