The data shows that the amount of 69 Dapp transactions yesterday has changed by more than 50% from the previous day.

According to RatingDapp and RatingToken big data monitoring, yesterday's EOS/ETH/TRON three major public chain platforms Dapp transaction volume is more than 1000 US dollars total 163 (EOS 73, ETH 42, TRON 48), of which 69 transactions The previous day's positive and negative changes of more than 50%, the biggest increase in Dapp are: Bithumb DEX (291ETH, +581900.00%), HyperSnakes (19.37ETH, +54786.97%), Equilibrium – EOSDT (4621.53EOS, +50079.48%); The largest Dapps are: CPUbaole (5000EOS, -94.83%), EOSYX (249.1EOS, -93.79%), and Switcheo Network (320.86EOS, -91.80%).