Foreign media: hire a former Google senior consultant, Bakkt or will launch a digital asset wallet

At the time of launch of its products, former Google consultants joined Bakkt.

According to people familiar with the matter, former Google UX (user experience) consultant Chris Peterson joined the cryptocurrency company Bakkt earlier this month, and the company is working on a digital asset wallet app called Bakkt Pay.


Bakkt is the creative of Kelly Loeffler and Jeff Sprecher of the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE). The company announced in August 2018 that it will launch a platform to help people invest in Bitcoin on their 401(k) accounts. First, Bakkt said it will introduce a physical delivery futures product linked to Bitcoin, but regulatory resistance has delayed the launch date by several months.

According to sources, the company is still working hard to develop its products and platforms, but at the same time, the company is also developing its own mobile app, which is expected to be released in the coming months. Peterson is an independent UX consultant with 20 years of experience and is helping Bakkt expand its brands beyond its futures suppliers. He was involved in the launch of the app. Previously, he redesigned the help system for all of Google's products, so he consulted Google's cloud team.

The company’s job postings in January seem to suggest that it will launch a mobile app that mentions recruiting a mobile app developer for the Bakkt product suite. The company also revised the website information to show its business more clearly:


After raising $182 million from investors such as Galaxy Digital and CMT Digital, Bakkt is facing pressure to release products. The company's chief operating officer, Adam White, said in a recent article that the company will begin testing its bitcoin futures products on July 22. This article reveals new details about the Bakkt platform, including its intention to provide up to $100 million in insurance for hosted Bitcoin.

As of press time, the ICE spokesperson did not respond to news about its launch of the mobile app.