Analysis: Dharma monthly report shows that borrowings fell 60%, user confidence is declining

According to The Block, Dharma, a decentralized lending service, released data on lending in May, which showed that Dharma’s borrowings fell 60% from the previous month, and sales in June are expected to be lower, with users decentralizing finance. Confidence is falling. The analysis said that the main reason for the decline in borrowing may be related to Dharma's cessation of subsidized loans in early May. The long waiting time for loan orders and the inflexible term option will prompt users to go elsewhere. At the same time, the website's bug once caused the website to fail for 5 days, which also led to a significant reduction in loan volume. In order to solve this problem, management expects to introduce some new features to alleviate these problems. After a strong growth in the first four months of this year, Dharma has undergone a dramatic reversal. Loan disbursement in May fell 60% from April to $2.8 million, and June's growth rate looks even worse. According to the average daily volume in June, the monthly loan quota is expected to fall another 60% to $1.1 million.