The US version of 94 will bring $3,000 in fluctuations! 6/21 market analysis

At 12 o'clock this evening, the Global Financial Action Task Force FATF will announce the final guidance of the digital currency industry, which is bound to have a long-term impact. Akong believes that night and night will usher in a long and short double burst.

The FATF is equivalent to the FBI of global finance. His every move will have an important impact on the global financial market. The currency circle is no exception. South Korea announced that the establishment of the first fund management center will strengthen KYC. Japan also cooperated with the response and announced that it will strengthen. Supervision. The United States followed closely, and the United States and Bittrex announced the release of small coins. There is no doubt that the currency circle seems to have once again ushered in the 9.4 market, but this time it is more powerful than the 9.4 regulation in 17 years.

But surprisingly, the price of the currency did not accompany the bad news, but the market fell out of the independent market of BTC and ETH. Everyone was immersed in the good news of stable currency brought by Facebook and the favorable expectations brought by international disputes. Looking at the price straight up, it seems to cross the important threshold of $10,000. However, Akong feels that the more time to this, the more attention should be paid to market risks. Of course, this is also an opportunity for short-term speculators to encounter difficulties.

The real market risk comes from neglecting risks. Whether it is 9.4 in 17 years or FATF this year, most people don't care about the so-called bad news before the document is implemented. It is necessary to know the price of BTC two days before the 9.4 days of 17 years. It has doubled continuously and the price is still rushing to a new high of $4,900. Although most of the small coins fell against the trend at the time, but because the mainstream currency is still holding up, everyone has neglected all kinds of bad news. It is worth mentioning that one of the top gainers at the time was BTC and one was ETH. Exchange the small currency into these two mainstream currencies and propose various trading platforms. Akong feels that after two years, the digital currency market has become a huge monster, and there will be no violent market fluctuations due to a country or a document. However, from the current price point of view, it is close to the important threshold of 10,000 US dollars. It is important to pay attention, because when it broke through 10,000 dollars in 17 years, there was a fall of 3,000 dollars, and then quickly recovered.

This picture is a 4-hour K-line chart that BTC has just broken through $10,000. You will find that the price of the currency has skyrocketed and has gone out for several months. BTC first rose 10% in the short-term, then fell 30%, and finally rebounded, forming a long-short three-explosion trend.

Why BTC is so volatile at the threshold of 10,000 US dollars, Akong feels that the main reason is that after the price has been greatly increased, the consensus on the integer mark market will increase. For example, Akong’s friend has a long-term coin. Just concerned about the three prices of BTC, 10000, 20000, 3000. Sometimes I will ask if the price has not reached 3,000, and the rise has not risen to 10,000. Not only the people in the currency circle think so, even media reports like to use the integer mark and report BTC, you will often see Bitcoin officially broke through the $10,000 headline report today, attracting a large number of people to pay attention to the currency price.

Akong believes that from the perspective of the FATF, or from the point of view of the integer mark, there is still a huge market risk from the point of view of the box back. It is better to wait for the price of the currency to stabilize after the bottoming. Going to the operation may be able to copy a good spot low price. Of course, for the current market, it is a paradise for short-term traders. The price of the currency has skyrocketed and surfed along with the market.


The calculation power has risen to a new high in history and has a positive effect on the price of the currency. It is worth noting that FATA will hold a regulatory meeting on digital currency tonight, and the long and short battles will bring the futures positions to a record high, the key to 10,000 US dollars. On the node, it is easy to form a long and short double-explosion trend, and 30% of the skyrocketing is not a difficult thing. Akong feels that as long as the spot does not do the chasing and falling, the timely harvest of profit can smoothly over-the-clock market. In operation, you can lighten up the position at a high level, wait for the price of the coin to bottom out, and step back on the box. Next BTC dropped to $9,635.

Resistance level: 9775, 10000, 10355

Support level: 9635, 9382, 9015


It is said that an account created 1 billion EOS counterfeit coins, causing market panic, but the current market can generate a lot of coins, there are many counterfeit coins, as long as the project is not created by the project itself, there will be no major problems. The 6.65 US dollars below is the key point of the M head. As long as there is no heavy volume falling below 6.65 US dollars, it will continue the upward trend and do the contraction. In operation, you can call back and buy short-term operations. Next EOS went down to $6.93.

Resistance level: 7.08, 7.17, 7.25

Support level: 6.93, 6.82, 6.65


Today, it is reported that XRP will still serve as a supplementary network for SWIFT, which will have a positive effect on the price of the currency. The short-term fluctuation of the currency price will weaken and the volume will continue to weaken, indicating that it is still in a volatile trend. The price of the bottom of the currency rebounded, but the long-term amount could not be amplified simultaneously, and it was still in a volatile trend. Operation can be wait and see, waiting for the market to further break through. The XRP then oscillated at $0.442.

Resistance level: 0.442, 0.453, 0.472

Support level: 0.431, 0.423, 0.415


Akong feels that LTC will become the key to the breakthrough of mainstream currency tonight. You will find that LTC began to enter the volatile market in the past two days, doing weak consolidation, as the leading currency of the mainstream currency, only LTC took the lead in pulling the breakthrough to break the overall The shock pattern has brought up the trend of other currencies. The operation can be high and low, waiting for the market to change. Next, the LTC oscillated at $139.2.

Resistance level: 139.2, 142.5, 147.3

Support level: 133.5, 129.3, 124.5


The gray-scale company opened ETH's trust transaction, and the price of the coin rose with the good news. Akong believes that ETH and BTC are leading the market mainly because many US accounts convert the currency into a universal mainstream in order to avoid the regulatory risks of these two days. Currency, cash out. From the trend point of view, the currency price will continue the long market, pay attention to break through the new high, once the amount can be amplified, you need to step back to the support below. In operation, you can lighten up the position at a high level and wait for the market to further bottom. Next, ETH rushed back and stepped back to $287.2.

Resistance levels: 292.3, 294.4, 297.5

Support level: 287.2, 283.5, 278.2


The price of the currency is still in a triangle convergence trend, and the quantity can continue to weaken. Waiting for the overall change of the mainstream currency, BCH will form a lower edge of the shock box at 375.5 US dollars. As long as there is no heavy volume falling below 375.5 US dollars, it will continue the bullish market. The operation can be high and low, waiting for the market to change. Next, the BCH was shocked at $442.3.

Resistance levels: 442.3, 467.5, 505.3

Support level: 387.2, 375.2, 355.6


Yesterday, BNB stood out from the crowd and first rebounded, which drove the market to rise. With the large transfer of UDST, the mainstream currency market began to stabilize and recover as a whole, and short-term mainstream currencies appeared. Akong believes that night market volatility will further increase. From the perspective of small coins, TNT and XMX led the market, and the overall preference of the small currency is weak. This has a certain relationship with the regulatory expectations for the two days. The spot wants to buy an ambush position, and can wait until two days of all kinds of bad news. After the decision, go to the dips to open positions, avoid market risks, and buy the right price. Overall, the current short-term operation of the mainstream currency is still the mainstay market, it is easy to appear long and short double burst, it is recommended to fast-forward and quick-earned profit.