Blockchain fraud tricks – fake coin scams secret

Recently, the development of platform-related businesses in major exchanges in the market has seen the various aspects of lending platform currency involving quantification, voting, and mortgage. Anyone who has a scammer is pervasive. At present, the slow fog blockchain threat intelligence has received a lot of feedback scams recently. Due to the responsibility and obligation of the blockchain security, the slow fog security team decided to stand up and publicly disclose the most popular area. The scam of blockchain scams makes fewer people deceived and makes scammers nowhere.

The event begins:

False official personnel and fake official TeleGram group appear and pull you into the group, forging false trading events such as: lending, mortgage, quantification, investment and other businesses. Everything is done to make you believe it is true, and the benefits are still high.

Event development:

Fake official staff chat with you privately, all kinds of routines and interest temptations make you tempted, and then start trading with the liar.


You transfer money to the scammer's real BTC or ETH or USDT, and the scammer gives you the wallet fake HT or BNB or EOS platform currency.

Below we will disclose the TeleGram account and group involved in a specific scam, and the fake HT Token contract address and the scammer transaction record.

Fake TG group:

Fake HT contract address:


The official coin of the fire coin also issued a document indicating the risk of fraud:

Fake imToken official:

imToken official also issued a document to dissolve the TeleGram group

Slow fog safety team reminds:

(1) Any initiative to add you to tell you that the project with very high profit allows you to invest, please be cautious and rational.

(2) In any digital wallet, the digital currency transfer, the Token name of the account may exist is the same digital asset whose name is not true.

(3) False BTC, ETH, EOS, OKB, HT, BNB Token fraud cases have appeared. Please improve your knowledge of the use of digital wallets. If you can't confirm the true and false, you can recharge the assets in the digital wallet to the exchange. See if the recharge is successful, and the fake digital assets will not be credited to the exchange.

(4) Anyone who hangs the exchange or the logo of the wallet is not necessarily a real official. Please contact the official community.

If you are experiencing any scams and theft, please contact the Slow Fog Safety Team for assistance.