Luo Jinhai: Libra is the gunshot of Lexington, the beginning of the "non-state currency" war of independence

On June 21st, today, at the "Fire News Facebook Libra Week" online salon sponsored by Fire News, Luo Jinhai, the founder of the Quantum School, said that Facebook Libra is the gunshot of Lexington, "non-state currency" The beginning of the war of independence. The emergence of Facebook Libra disrupted the rhythm of US control of cryptocurrencies. Libra eventually retired its strategy and formed an alliance with the US dollar, becoming an important player in the digital dollar. Facebook Libra will stimulate Bitcoin's price growth in the short term and will weaken the value of Bitcoin in the long run. The self-control of personal data is the core of the entire blockchain. Today in the United States, Libra's successful hope is that the founder of the small ZOS and the creator of the Defi Alliance found that Libra's result is that the world has created a stable digital currency with no sovereignty and no borders. The times are coming, there are no small slogans, and there are big ties, and the world has entered a real digital economy. The company is not a philanthropist, and R3 is a lesson for Libra. I believe that Libra's main reserves are also US dollars and US dollar bonds.