Guo Taiming: Hon Hai will integrate blockchain finance and accelerate the integration into the global industrial intelligence trend

According to China News Network, Taiwan’s “East Sen News Cloud” reported that Taiwan’s Hon Hai Group’s shareholders’ meeting debuted on the 21st. Chairman Guo Taiming attended the Hon Hai Shareholders’ Meeting as the chairman of the board for the last time and will officially abdicate after the board of directors. He said that Hon Hai will focus on the real economy as the core, and lay out three networks of intelligent manufacturing, healthy Internet and information security, and integrate the industry with the strategic direction of “cloud, mobile, material, big, intelligent, network + robot”. Data, cloud intelligence, data security management, blockchain finance, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent supply chain, etc., based on six streams of big data such as people flow, technology flow, information flow, process flow, logistics, and gold flow, to all things A networked intelligent society accelerates the integration of global industrial intelligence trends.